Genesis 3 Part B – Eve, Lilith, and the Other Sister

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An amble through the Internet revealed that Eve was God’s third attempt at a companion for Adam. According to Jewish folklore the tale of Lilith cartier bracelet begins with Adam naming the animals as they are paraded by him. Adam notices that for every animal there is a male and a female. With lust in his loins, Adam asks God for a companion. God provides Lilith. When Adam goes discount cartier bracelet to mount her Lilith resists, asking how much is a cartier love bracelet 2013
why should she be under the man when God made man and woman as equals. Adam tries to force himself onto Lilith ,who then exclaims the sacred word of God and vanishes. (1)

Lilith reappears by the Red Sea cavorting with lascivious demons giving birth to over 100 demonic night spirits (lilim) a day.

“Adam complains to God, who sends three angels to fetch Lilith back. They tell her that if she does not return, one hundred of her children will die every day. She retorts that harming newborns was the reason why she was created, but agrees not to harm any infants wearing amulets with the names or images of the three angels.” (2)

lilith-reliefThe ‘Queen of the Night’ relief from the British Museum, identified by some scholars as Lilith. Old Babylonian, 1800-1750 BCE.

Jewish folklore goes on to tell of how God created Eve I, whom Adam found so ugly that God does not give her life. Eve (the woman is finally named in Genesis 1-20 just before God gives Adam and Eve clothing, and banishes them from the garden) is made from Adam’s rib so that Eve will be subservient to man, and thus avoiding another Lilith episode.

In the Middle Ages many artists painted the serpent with female torso suggesting that the serpent was in fact Lilith. This expression of the serpent as Lilith can even be seen in this fragment of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo “The Fall and Expulsion cartier love bracelet from Garden of Eden” (3). Michaelangelo - Fall of Man 01




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